Ways To Learn A New Neighbourhood

Ways To Learn A New Neighbourhood

Ways To Learn A New Neighbourhood

Moving to a new city is indeed a daunting task — be it relocating with family or alone. When you move to a new neighbourhood, you have to learn the city bit-by-bit. It helps to be a little more observant, making a mental note of all the places which would help you grasp things in a better way.

Keep your eyes open

When in a new neighbourhood, one should always research and try looking for all the facilities in the area. Look for all the landmarks that would be useful at a later stage. Locate the nearest gymnasium, clinic, chemist shop, etc. You can also download some useful apps on your smartphone that would help you navigate through the neighbourhood and get to know about the happening place like events, parties, sports, restaurants, bars.

At home

After taking up a rental accommodation, decorate it with your personal belongings like family mementoes and pictures to get that homely feeling. Your place would be like your safety blanket for the initial months before you venture out. If you have family or are about to start a new family, then you could start by surfing for the nearby children's park, schools for your children nearby, nearest supermarket and mall.

Posters are not that bad

Don't miss out on the posters; these provide information about the events and the fitness centres and those yoga classes you are so interested to join.

Be a little curious

When you move into a city, learn all the routes and do not shy away from asking about the probable routes from the local shopkeepers and cab drivers. The routes would help give you a fair idea of the area.

Become a tourist for a few days

Not to discourage from becoming a local, but being a tourist for a few days and roaming about the city on foot would help you remember things more efficiently. So, next time when you step out, you know from where you will get furnishings or locate the hardware store. And, you never know you could find a cosy yet affordable coffee shop.

Now that you have found a favourite, here is how you could settle in a new neighbourhood.

Last Updated: Mon Sep 12 2016

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