Want To Sell Your Property Fast? Price It Higher

Want To Sell Your Property Fast? Price It Higher

Want To Sell Your Property Fast? Price It Higher

Listed your property at a price lower than the average property price of the area thinking it will sell faster? This strategy would fail. Confused? Well, your property, if priced less, will not find the right buyers in a market that is competitive. MakaaniQ tells you more about why you should be pricing your property a little higher:

  • If a property is priced higher, it is believed that a buyer would see that the property has more to offer when compared to its alternatives. For instance, go online and look for shoes, you would prefer expensive shoes that provides a certain technology whether or not that technology has an impact.
  • A higher priced property makes it more lucrative among the buyers willing to pay that price.
  • It makes the buyers curious and want to know more about your property. They would want to know what more does your property offer when compared to other similar properties.
  • With all these reasons, if the property sells faster, it strengthens the value of the property in the future, too.

How can you achieve this:

  • There will always be a question among buyers -- What is the reason that the property is priced higher? You will have to give them something extra. For instance, an amenity that other similar properties are not offering.
  • Staging the property well can make it look worth the price.
  • Landscape the property well to attract the buyers in the very first instance.
  • Go professional. Make sure that the listing photos are taken by professional photographer and are well-edited. What more?! Add some video tours of the property. All these not only enhance the look of the property but also, impact the buyer psychology positively.
  • Take help of an agent. Let him do the job of convincing the buyers as to why the property is priced a little higher than its counterparts. 

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Last Updated: Wed Sep 27 2017

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