Virtual And Augmented Reality Are Transforming How People Buy Homes In India

Virtual And Augmented Reality Are Transforming How People Buy Homes In India

Virtual And Augmented Reality Are Transforming How People Buy Homes In India

Conventional wisdom says that when buying a property a physical tour of the place is most important. But times they are a changing! The problem with visiting every house or apartment that one finds worth considering is that it takes up too much time. And time these days comes at a premium. But worry not, technology has your back! You could now make property visits from the comfort of your home or office and even check out real estate which is , say, almost 5,000 km away from you.

Sample this. You are looking for a property online. You click on the picture of the property of your choice from your smartphone and you get all the necessary information in the blink of an eye. It also has a QR code which you scan to get an immersive, 3D, 360-degree video powered experience simulating what it would be like to be inside the property of your choice. Without even getting off your seat.

Interestingly, few landlords in Mumbai's Juhu and Bandra area are dealing with brokers to arrange such shoots for their property as expats are always on a lookout for leased accommodations in India, and prefer to make a virtual visit to the property.

Likewise, there are different types of technologies that are revolutionising the way investments are being made in real estate. Although 360° panoramas, virtual tours, 360° photography and videos have been around for years, technology being used at PropTiger.com, a Gurgaon-based real estate advisory, goes beyond that by offering fully-immersive high-resolution 4K HDR 3D environments with sharp perspectives and clear definitions.

These services offered by PropTiger.com are already creating a traction and here's how these technologies are acting as a game-changer:

At your convenience, at your doorstep

The best thing about Virtual Reality (VR) technology is that it can be made use of any time. Be it at developer's office or agent's office or buyer's home or even while travelling. It doesn't require you to be necessarily present at the site to get the best taste of VR. Thanks' to the newly-launched VR headsets, which are now available in the market and are compatible with smartphones; these can be used to view any VR, 360-degree video for the best experience. So next time, your dealer asks you for a site visit, demand a VR tour instead. Although the technology can't replace the physical inspection, but, it can save your energy and effort if the deal is in the initial stage.  

Time and distance don't matter

Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR) has come handy especially when a site visit is not viable. This is a very common situation for non-resident Indians (NRIs) who are interested in buying a home in India but, aren't sure of the locality prospects and the neighbourhood. In fact, when buyers are planning to invest in any other city than the existing one, these technological tools provide an easy solution. 

For instance, PropTiger.com offers 4D experience where a buyer can see how the swimming pool and other amenities in the project would look like when completed. A home buyer can look at the property with a sunlight view, amenities view and balcony view.

Home automation

Using VR a buyer can get a hands on feel for the automated services available in the property. Management of home alarms, security systems, and interiors cann all be accessed through VR. For instance, imagine waking up to the view of the rain forest with the maintained temperature at the comfort of your home or an interactive glass slab, which can be transformed into a TV screen, a computer or even a digital whiteboard.


Last Updated: Sat Dec 24 2016

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