Looking For A Plot In Beverly Hills? Be Ready With $1Bn

Looking For A Plot In Beverly Hills? Be Ready With $1Bn

Looking For A Plot In Beverly Hills? Be Ready With $1Bn

If you have $1 billion you can buy the most expensive property that has hit the market in the United States. The 157-acre plot of land in Beverly Hills is currently the first billion dollar residential listing in America, reported CNBC.

Known as the Mountain of Beverley Hills, it is twice the size of Disneyland. The property is a record breaker given that it is the highest point in the area and boasts the most expensive zip code 90210. Normally, you would need a helicopter to see this summit which is the loftiest in Los Angeles.

Aaron Kirman of Aaron Kirman Partners says that the billionaire who buys this property can build the biggest mansion here because the land is zoned for a 1.5 million-mega compound. The structure that the billionaire builds here would be 48 ft high.

As for the view from this private, it is supposedly the best in Los Angeles. More than 5,000 plants and 500 trees were transplanted to the property and adds to the view. Similarly, a property herein would mean a lot of privacy as well, the closest neighbour is half mile away (that is 0.8 km away), thanks to a private road, the billionaire gets to keep the paparazzi away. Security features include 16-ft tall and 30-ft wide security gate.

The terrain includes 17 football field-sized parcels of land, six of which cascade down surrounding elevations—ranging from 2.7 to 12.2 acres. These are ready-to-build, reports Forbes.

No, the billionaire also gets everything in place from electricity connection or fiber optics, advanced storm drain system, water retention basins, fire hydrants, back up generator that can supply 3 lakh sq ft of buildings in case there is power outage.

Will the billion-dollar property be a tough sell? Time will tell. However, Kirman says that his firm has identified a hundred interested billionaires can afford this property.

All we know is that the next costliest property listed for sale in the United States is The One which is commanding $500 million or Rs 34,27,500,000 in Bel Air.

Note: *1 USD is Rs 68.61 as of July 2018

Last Updated: Tue Aug 07 2018

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