5 Tips To Settle In A New Neighbourhood

5 Tips To Settle In A New Neighbourhood

5 Tips To Settle In A New Neighbourhood

Relocating to a new neighbourhood can be overwhelming and stressful at the same time. Beyond the usual drill of packing and unpacking, there are a plethora of other things that weigh on your mind. How will the new neighbourhood be? Will I get along with them? And so on…

In a nutshell, moving and settling in a new place is a little tough but a lifetime experience.

MakaanIQ gives you a few tips on settling in your new address and breaking the ice with your neighbours.

Know thy neighbour

Since you have just moved in, approaching your next-door neighbour and introducing yourself seems a daunting task. Don't feel shy or edgy, make the first move. You never know, they may be equally hesitant to disturb you, especially if you appear busy and settling in. 

Throw a housewarming party

Planning a house-warming party would be the last thing on your checklist. But after you have settled a bit, a party is the best way to make friends and get familiarised with your neighbourhood. Just keep it simple. As you have just moved in, nobody expects you to host an elaborate affair.

Be an explorer

Once you are finally settled in your new abode, take some time out and explore your new community. Hit the neighbourhood shops, check out a few restaurants and parks, visit a few shopping malls, etc. Do as the locals do and soon enough you will be thoroughly familiarised with your new neighbourhood.

Give yourself some time

It could happen that you may start regretting your decision of moving to a new neighbourhood. Push yourself a bit beyond your comfort level and remind yourself that things are still in a transition phase. 

Children could help

It is easier for children to make friends wherever they go. While you were busy unpacking and settling things in your new abode, your children were out making new friends. It is time to go out with your children and know the neighbourhood. While the children play, you could mingle with other parents present there and tell them that you are new. Pick up a conversation.

Last Updated: Mon Aug 14 2017

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