Tips To Deal With Real Estate Agents

Tips To Deal With Real Estate Agents

Tips To Deal With Real Estate Agents
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Real estate agents are an integral part of Indian real estate market, bridging the gap between buyers and sellers. But, amid cut throat competition among agents, it becomes extremely puzzling for home buyers to shortlist properties. Right from selecting an agent, to working with him becomes a task. Here are seven tips to help you find a agent:

Choosing an agent: An agent must be chosen after conducting an online research. Log-on to Property site and check for the type of properties listed by the agent. Check the amount of details given with each property; this will give you a good idea regarding the knowledge of the agent.

Agent's track record: Individual going to avail the services of an agent must also analyse his track record and a sound background check must be done on the dealings he has made. This can be done by asking references i.e., names of people who have dealt with that agent in the recent past. Speak with these people and ask for their experiences.

Area of specialisation: Most agents have their area of specialisation. While some specialise in residential properties other in commercial, or some deal in new projects while other in secondary market sale. Choose the real estate agent whose specialisation suits your property requirement.

Budget of the project: Some agents take into consideration the budget of the deal. Such agents are either volume agents (who prefer dealing only in high volume of transactions) while some are value agents who are only interested in big deals. Choose one accordingly.

Location: Agents work in specific locations. They will have all the knowledge about property in the areas they deal with.

Be open: A discussion specifying requirements and preferences has to be done while zeroing down on any one agent. All terms and conditions, and commission related issues must be discussed before hiring one. Not doing these discussion can lead to confusion at a later stage.

Payment: Payment must be done once the deal is finalised.

Last Updated: Tue Dec 22 2015

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