How To Ensure Your Newly Purchased Home Is A Life-Long Bliss

How To Ensure Your Newly Purchased Home Is A Life-Long Bliss

How To Ensure Your Newly Purchased Home Is A Life-Long Bliss
If you have local markets close to your housing society, you will be able to buy products at much cheaper rates. (Dreamstime)

Your combined financial efforts bore fruit, and you and your spouse finally enter the paradise you call home. We say combined financial effort considering the home loan is co-owned and you both exhausted all your savings to arrange for the down payment. But as you settle in, you keep finding several little problems in the house; the paradise starts losing its sheen. Maybe you did not carry out the due diligence required when you make such a huge investment. But, where was the time to check whether each tap worked properly while you were struggling to get your home loan application approved?

You were running the whole length and breadth of the city to get various papers signed after the purchase. The focus was more towards the legal and financial aspect of the purchase.

So, now your wife complains the kitchen tap has no connection with the geezer. Apparently, your domestic help is making your wife feel very sorry for forcing the “poor being” to do the dishes with ice-cold water in freezing winter. Your son, too, has discovered a fault with the flush of the toilet adjoining his room.

Tip:  It is a must you check all the switches, buttons and taps when you go for a site visit and ensure everything is running fine. You also have to see the house has a property ventilation

Monkeys run riot on your terrace — you paid a premium to have the terrace to yourself  — and it's not safe for you to parade yourself there in the day time. Your lovely little balcony, on the other hand, is heaped with pigeon droppings every morning. Little as they sound, most of you would agree that such issues can be a cause of great pain.

Tip: You love pets but you do not want any unwelcomed guests like the above bothering you. Keep in mind that large open spaces will be an invitation for them. Try to keep a fine balance 

On your way to the office, you notice construction workers have begun to build small houses near your apartment complex. Later, you would get to know the children living in your society enjoy bullying the slum kids more than enjoying the various games they could play inside the complex. While your prime concern is that your “delicate” child might pick bad habits from outside, little do you know that he might be on his way to turn into a possible bully.

Tip: Your locality has a great role to play in your living experience. Do check out the areas nearby before booking a home. 

Your developer had sold the property showing glossy pictures of malls surrounding your area. Now, you are forced to shop your grocery from there. As a common man, you are aware that you could get the stuff at much cheaper rates if there was a neighbourhood grocer. The same rule applies as far as “five-star” hospitals, schools and salons go.

Tip: Having locals markets nearby is a great thing. Not only will the products be cheaper but they will also be fresh.

While pursuing an aspirational life, we often get confused about our priorities. That confusion will be a cause of immense frustration and long-term trouble. And you had thought home-loan was going to be your only burden.  Keep these little tips in mind to enjoy a lifetime of bliss in your newly purchased home.

Last Updated: Wed Oct 26 2016

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