Starting Out As A Real Estate Agent? Here Are Some Tips For You

Starting Out As A Real Estate Agent? Here Are Some Tips For You

Starting Out As A Real Estate Agent? Here Are Some Tips For You

How The New Real Estate Law Will Benefit AgentsYou are important! In the complete cycle of home buying, a home buyer, who is not well-versed with real estate phraseology, you are the one who will be their guiding light. 

Educate yourself

Real estate in India has been known to be an unorganised industry wherein real estate brokerage is a family business. For years people have been part of the business with no particular degree or education related to the field. A study in itself, as the industry progressed over the years, there are now courses available for you to study real estate before becoming a part of the business. Look up for courses that offer you the right kind of skill set you want to have.

Associations like NAREDCO and CREDAI hold courses and workshops for those who want to be a part of the business and in a professional way. There are also plenty of private institutes dedicated to real estate teaching various professional courses.

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Work on your soft skill set

While you gain insight into the industry, work on your soft skill set alongside. Learn how to speak to the customer professionally, and work on your look and time management. Knowing that you are in a business which can be slow moving or would take a lot to convince a buyer, you need to be high on motivation every time (you will need that). All these traits will be observed by your client and will be a key driving force for their belief in you.

Set your budget

Starting out as an individual? First thing is to set your budget and write down your expenses. Initially, you will have to spend on the office space, its maintenance, marketing and also, on building a portfolio. Once set, you will have your regular operational costs, too. There could be times that are a dry spell. Reserve a budget so that it doesn't hurt you in such situations.

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Want to build your skill set? Join a brokerage firm. This will not just give you exposure to an already established client base and enhance your skills, it will also let you prepare yourself financially if you plan to go solo in later stages.

On the other hand, if you are going solo already, collaborate with online brokerage firms that let you be a part of their list and help you generate leads.

Build a portfolio

This is the key. Your skill set will come handy here. Your first step towards building a portfolio is to communicate with other agents in the business. One-on-one interactions, brokers' meets, social media platforms and even online platforms turn out to be a boon. Meet new people and form a mutual understanding of sharing relevant leads with each other. This will help you build a portfolio as well as gain a referral point, too.

Also, your client can be your referral point. Hence, maintain a professional relationship and get the best for every client you work with. 

Last Updated: Mon Apr 10 2017

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