How Can You Become A Better Property Advisor?

How Can You Become A Better Property Advisor?

How Can You Become A Better Property Advisor?

Someone wise told me recently no matter how many tutorials you go through, no matter how many books your read, no matter how may sites your surf and no matter how much data you dig, “you will have to take the help of a property advisor when you plan to buy a home”. “There are things only property advisors know, which you can't find anywhere else,” the gentleman said firmly. I had no reason not to believe him; the person in question has spent a great part of his professional life in the real estate business. 

His overview makes me think beyond the point of our discussion. How come property advisors do not receive their due regard if they are so important for the sector? Many predicted their doom after the government passed the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, based on the assumption that all that might be wrong with the sector could be their doing. But those who know better are aware that the new law is an opportunity for property dealers of the country to claim their place as the key stakeholders of the sector. While the law would improve things gradually, here are three things that a property broker could do, in the meantime, to improve his image and business:

Talk it out

In their portrayal of property dealers, all Bollywood films have a similarity. The person would be dressed in a bright-floral shirt struggling to hide his protruding belly. His demeanour would also be of a person who is ready to pounce on his prey. Despite the theatrics involved, we have to acknowledge the fact that this is the way the common man perceives you. Why not enroll yourself in a personality development and English speaking class? You have to remember that how your business progresses depends on how you conduct yourself. If you are well-versed in English, your client base will grow, too. Like all professionals, you, too, have to keep investing in yourself to do better. Recently, Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut made headlines for the remarkable change she got in her speech. Everyone could do better, with a little bit of help.
Get connected 

Long ago, when the government had introduced an online transfer of salary, my father was much puzzled. The Internet scared him. He was accustomed to a different system where cash payments were made at the start of a month. All that hassle seemed fine in comparison with using the ATM card for withdrawing money. You might be caught up in a similar situation. Everyone is using the internet today to grow their business. It might be true that you are accustomed to a certain way of business but not changing with time will make you redundant. Here is a point for you to consider. You help people buy and sell properties, the most valuable of all asset classes. In comparison, learning the internet would be much smaller a deal.
Status update

Though you make a good deal of money being the oldest property dealer in your area, your dingy office in the narrow lane of the locality gives people an impression you are not doing all that well. While all that glitters might not be gold, it does help you make a better impression. Why not spent some of your profits on upgrading your office, too? Your large base of old customers is all very good, but you do need to keep upgrading your customer base. Why restrict yourself to staying the best property dealer of your own area? Why not think beyond? Be mindful of the fact that it is only small changes in life that can make all the difference. 

Last Updated: Thu Nov 10 2016

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