Simple Vaastu Tips for Master Bedroom

Simple Vaastu Tips for Master Bedroom

Simple Vaastu Tips for Master Bedroom

Master bedroom is the principal bedroom in a house which serves as a retreat to the head of the family. Ideally a master bedroom should have a perfect blend of warmth, coziness and visual appeal. It is an abode where a family unwinds, and where one starts a day and ends it too. A master bedroom therefore should be designed carefully so that it harbors sound sleep and helps us to maintain good health. Given below are some Vaastu tips for your master bedroom that will help you to maintain a harmonious lifestyle.

• Master bedroom should either be in Southwest direction or Northwest direction. The room must never be in the Southeast direction .
• The bedroom should be away from main entrance of the house to prevent distractions and disturbances.
• The room should be of either of square or rectangular shape.
• The bed must be placed in south direction, while sleeping one's head should be towards South or East.
• Ensure that there is ample space between the bed and the wall.
• Avoid placing mirror directly opposite to the bed, this might lead to a disturbed sleep. If removing the mirror is not possible, cover the mirror with a cloth during the night.
• Attached bathroom should be in the East or Southeast facing. The bathroom door should not face the bed.
• The cupboards can be placed in southwest or northwest.
• Vaults and expensive items should ideally be kept in the Southwest direction.
• The room should be well ventilated and it should receive ample sunlight.

Last Updated: Mon Mar 23 2015

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