Should you say YES to Integrated townships?

Should you say YES to Integrated townships?

Should you say YES to Integrated townships?

Indian metros are brewing economic hubs. Inward migration that contributes to this economic growth has been increasing. This is leading to scarcity of resources, especially land, forcing the cities to expand. Many consider integrated townships as a solution to the cities’ congestion and planned expansion. Integrated townships are mini cities, on the outskirts of big cities and offer essential facilities like housing, education, work place, shopping, healthcare etc in a relatively small area.

Makaan.com, India’s fastest growing property website ventured out to know the other side of the story i.e., How comfortable do home buyers feel about investing in these townships? Townships promise the best of the facilities and infrastructure to its inhabitants. But does Indian buyer find it beneficial to invest in such integrated townships?

In a poll that was conducted on Makaan.com from 20th to 29th August 2011, out of 380 respondents, a majority 68% of participants felt investing in integrated townships is beneficial for them. On a contrary 24% felt it is not a good idea for investing in townships. Remaining 8% of the respondents were undecided. The above result shows that home buyers respect the demands of the growing cities and are willing to accept the new concept of integrated townships.

Last Updated: Fri Sep 06 2013

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