Statements Sellers Should Avoid Making

Statements Sellers Should Avoid Making

Statements Sellers Should Avoid Making

Highly mistaken are those sellers who firmly believe that it would be a piece of cake to offload a property that is in a good condition, is situated in a good locality and is rightly prices. Your firm belief will soon take a beating when you would not see buyers falling over one other to buy this nice piece of immovable asset. Sooner or later, a good property will get a buyer willing to give you your asset's real worth, but, a conscious effort must be made to make sure that happens sooner than later. To make that happen, you may have to make certain changes in your communication process. We may have been told in childhood to think before we speak; applying this at this juncture is quite crucial.

Do mentally edit these sentences out each time you are tempted to use them.

“I cannot wait for long”

Home-selling is a difficult work and you would like to get done with it as soon as possible. The seller knows it as well as you do. It would be wise not to pronounce it in those many words. Let the seller take his time to check out the property, make his decision, prepare for the purchase and get done with it peacefully. Even if you are beginning to get irked, saying so would be of little help. In fact, it could simply put off the buyer, who may decide to quickly leave the site to look for other properties he has zeroed in on. It is relevant to note here that it is not only the spoken words where you have to exercise caution. Showing non-verbal cues of your restlessness will have an even worse impact.

“I am in a hurry”

Well, we all are, are we not? Now, the moment a seller makes this statement, the buyer would quickly latch on to it. This would seem like a good opportunity to haggle and bring down the price, the buyer would think. Naturally, a man in a hurry would be willing lower the price to finish the job quickly. Some other buyers might even smell a rat. Why is this seller in such a hurry? May be things are not alright. You are selling a high-value asset and being in a hurry will be a bad idea.

“This offer is final”

When you are dealing with a buyer who would just not stop talking about lowering the price a “little more”, this message must be conveyed. However, putting this mental state in words and expressing in in front of prospective buyers in the initial stage may be unwisely. You so far do not know how things turn up as talks progress. My offer is final is a statement that must be saved for a stage where you would not like to negotiate at all.

“This is the best you get in this budget”

We all have to say great things about what we have but this must not be done in a negative way. If you want to daggle the buyer, focus on pointing out the merits of your property, but, refrain from bad-mouthing other properties. Statements such as “you will not find a better property in the market in this price range” and “this is the best in your budget” are exaggerations. They are also insulting to the buyer (for the obvious dig you are taking at their financial standing).

“We will see about that later”

Those who buy the property have a thousand questions to ask; those who sell them must answer all of that to the former's great satisfaction. By doing so, you will be doing yourself a favour and not the buyer. In their great excitement, they might ask questions that might look premature and childish to you. However, there is no need to lose your cool and say things that may prove to be a deal breaker. Snobbish-sounding statements such as “we will see about that later” may put prospective buyers off. Try not to use them.

Last Updated: Tue Nov 09 2021

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