Seller's Corner: Things To Expect From Your Real Estate Agent

Seller's Corner: Things To Expect From Your Real Estate Agent

Seller's Corner: Things To Expect From Your Real Estate Agent

Selling a home is a process that requires professional help to carry it out in a correct manner and earn good returns. Thus, a large part of the success of the deal would depend on your real estate agent.

So, for a deal to be successful, MakaaniQ lists the key things that you can expect from your real estate agent:  

A good background

Your real estate agent should have a sound experience and knowledge of the real estate industry. He should be familiar with the prevailing as well as previous year's property prices of the particular market. Experience of selling similar property in the same neighbourhood would be an added advantage. If the agent is listed on any online site, like Makaan.com, you could go through his ratings and client comments to know more about his work. This would create credibility for the agent.


It is important that the agent has a professional attitude. You can easily judge this in your initial meetings. How punctual he is and how well-dressed and well-prepared he is for the meeting, could be some of the things that you could judge him on. In case he is late for the meeting then this clearly shows that he lacks professionalism.

Good at negotiation

It is important for the real estate agent to have good negotiation skills. For a good deal, the real estate agent must research, prepare and create a plan that would ultimately serve both the parties.


Follow ups with the potential buyers and even with you as a client is a key responsibility of the agent. This is important as this helps the seller get a feedback on his property.

Latest technology

The real estate agent must be aware of the latest tech tools use in the real estate market. This would help him showcase properties on the go and quickly provide the required details. This would also fasten the paperwork. He must possess a good camera and photography skills to present good quality photos of your home.

Marketing strategy

A real estate agent must employ workable marketing strategies, a mix of both old and new techniques. Advertisement in the newspaper and direct mailings are old ways of promoting. While the new ways include online promotion through a personal website, blog and other social media websites. A real estate agent must have his own website, blog and must be active on different social media websites. This means that your property will get proper advertisement.

Last Updated: Tue Sep 26 2017

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