Sell your house to property investors!

Sell your house to property investors!

Sell your house to property investors!

Traditionally, two methods of selling a home are followed: selling the house on your own, which mostly ends in exhaustion, and selling the house through a realtor in which you end up paying handsome fees. In this article, www.makaan.com provides you the benefits of combining the two methods. When you wish to sell your home, go in for a real estate investor as a buyer; it will be a mutually beneficial deal. Read further to know why:

Dual role: If you sell your house to a real estate investor, you can have a sigh of relief from major areas as he will play a dual role of a buyer as well as a guide; however, in this case he will not extract a fee from you. The investor will guide you with the problems that you might have, for example, due payments and inheritance etc. Alongside he will also assist you in legal issues like problems with tenants etc. Therefore, selling your house to a real estate investor is beneficial as you are provided with help.

No repairs required: If you are selling your house to a family to live in, you have to make it beautiful and appealing from the outset to have a good price. However, the same is not important in case the buyer is an investor. A real estate investor buys a house to sell it further after renovation and earn profit or to have it as a short term investment; therefore, you need not worry about re-decorating your house prior to selling. Further, there is no demand for discounts because of the required repairs.

Easy and fast payment: As a real estate investor’s daily job requires him to have property deals, he is quite efficient and fast in the field. Your house in not only sold fast, you also get the payment fast, which otherwise is delayed due to sanction of home loan and arrangement of payments. There is also an added advantage of taking the payment in cash if you require so.

Last Updated: Wed Apr 24 2013

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