Reasons why Mumbai airport's Terminal 2 counts among the best!

Reasons why Mumbai airport's Terminal 2 counts among the best!

Reasons why Mumbai airport's Terminal 2 counts among the best!

It was seven years ago that the decision to rebuild Mumbai's congested and crammed Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport was taken. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh inaugurated the state-of-the-art Terminal 2 or T2 last week and it is expected to open for passengers on February 12, 2014. Till then MakaanIQ enlists for you a few reasons as to why the international terminal counts among the best

The new terminal has been built at a cost of over Rs. 12,500 crores.

The T2 covers an area of over 1400 acres and has 188 check-in counters, 60 immigration counters for departing passengers and 76 immigration counters for incoming fliers.

To get around, passengers will have access to 47 escalators and 73 elevators.

Granite that can cover 27 football fields, 30,000 sq ft skylight glass enough to cover Wimbledon's centre court six times and over 18000 metric tonnes of steel that would have been enough to build two Eiffel Towers has been used for its construction.

The terminal is a four storey building that will be able to handle a maximum of 40 million passengers annually.

There is a six-lane elevated expressway connecting to the domestic Sahar airport for connecting flights.

A multi-level car parking has also been built to accommodate 5,200 vehicles and is the largest in the country.

The retail space at the airport is a shoppers’ delight spanning to 21,000 sq meters. Safety and security has also been given utmost importance with installation of 2300 CCTV cameras, 70,000 detection devices and 4100 public address speakers. The X-shaped terminal boasts of a three-kilometre-long art walk that incorporates Indian aesthetics with a white peacock theme. Titled 'Jaya He', it offers a glimpse into India's rich legacy and is an unprecedented interdisciplinary platform for the nation's cultural and creative industries.

It can handle A380-type aircraft operations, the world's biggest commercial aircraft.

Presently, T2 will mostly cater to international traffic, though a few domestic airlines are expected to move operations there later.

Last Updated: Tue Jan 28 2014

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