Precautions To Take When Showing Your House To Strangers

Precautions To Take When Showing Your House To Strangers

Precautions To Take When Showing Your House To Strangers

Selling a house is can be stressful for a large number of reasons. Not only you have to extract the best deal for your house, you're also under immense pressure to keep the house clean all the times for prospective buyers. One aspect of putting the house up on sale while you are still occupying it is that strangers have access to your house. MakaaniQ gives you a few precaution tips when opening your doors to strangers:

  • Never leave your keys, credit cards and other personal stuff lying in the open. Keep them under lock and key.
  • It is better to remove family photos. This would help protect your privacy.
  • After showing your house to strangers, check if all the windows and doors are properly locked. You never know a miscreant might get back to your house if a door remains unlocked.
  • It is advisable to install extra security measures such as an alarm system or CCTV cameras for more security.
  • Don't let a stranger in if he is not accompanied by your real estate agent. An agent should be present to show your home at all times.
  • Even your real estate agent should screen the potential buyers, before scheduling a visit.
  • When a prospective buyer comes to your place, tell him to share his driving license and other personal details to ensure that he is a genuine customer.
  • Don't let unknown agents in. They might be criminals in the garb of real estate agents.
  • Beware of people who knock on your door at strange hours. No matter who they say they are, ask them to make an appointment with your real estate agent at a reasonable time.
Last Updated: Thu Oct 06 2016

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