Post property within 3 mins: Makaan.com revamps "List Property" feature

Post property within 3 mins: Makaan.com revamps "List Property" feature

Post property within 3 mins: Makaan.com revamps "List Property" feature

Tedious and 90's interface of the real estate websites has been a roadblock for all the sellers looking to find buyers for their properties online. This is now an issue of the past with the intuitive and system intelligent design rolled by Makaan.com: the new interface of List Property.










Makaan.com is the fastest growing property portal in India and has been at the forefront in ensuring exceptional user experience. Some of the new and fresh changes this new interface brings are:

1. My property, My Title: Sellers now can put a custom title to their properties so that the unique features like sea facing, garden facing etc. can be highlighted for better response.

2. Active buttons: No old school design, but system driven intelligent system to ensure that the sellers save time and effort.

3. Intuitive design: Multiple tool tips, help text, instructions, image tagging, calculators, convertors and easy choice options to make listing process simple.

4. Advanced photo upload: No need to edit your photos in advance, the interface can help you crop and rotate your photos. Simply drag and drop the photos.

5. Advanced text editor: Sellers can now highlight their property details by using bold, bullets and italics to convey important information to the buyers.

6. Completeness meter: Dynamic meter to help sellers to keep a tab of the information submitted to ensure maximum responses for their property.

7. Facebook login: Easy login access with Facebook, no need to remember multiple account details.

Hope this new way of listings would bring a positive change and enhanced focus on user experience. Icing on the cake is the fact that you can complete your property listing within 3 minutes. What it means is that within 3 minutes you can to reach prospective buyers, isn't that amazing?

Makaan.com is inviting all the owners to list their properties by trying the new interface.

Last Updated: Wed Sep 27 2017

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