Play The Perfect Host To Your Long-Term Guests

Play The Perfect Host To Your Long-Term Guests

Play The Perfect Host To Your Long-Term Guests

Hosting guests for long is a hectic task as it involves entertaining them, keeping the home up-to-date and taking care of all their needs. Inviting them over coffee or dinner is a different thing, but if they are going to stay at your home for few days, then you will be required to prepare your home accordingly. At times, because of your lack of organisation skills, guests may even feel mistreated. Make your home ready with all requirements in advance to make it guest-friendly. Here are some ways to organise.

Bedroom basics


There is nothing as good as having a spare room to offer to guests. Prepare the bedroom in advance.

  • Clean and vacuum the room thoroughly. After all, you would not want your guests to live in a mess.
  • Air the sheets, pillows and quilt before arranging them on the bed.
  • Include a chair, ottoman or a small couch in the guest room so that your guests get some place other than the bed, to sit and relax.
  • The nightstand should be ready and well-prepared. There should be a water bottle, small lamp, clock, books to read.
  • If you want the room to smell fresh, you can also keep fresh flowers or a potpourri.

Even if you do not have a separate guest room, a living room or a kids room is generally doubled up as a guest room.

  • A sofa cum bed is the best option to use in such situations.
  • Move the side or coffee tables in the living room to be used as nightstand.

Bathroom essentials


  • Your bathroom should be ready and stocked with all the necessary requirements.
  • Check that the bathroom has all essentials toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, face wash, mouth wash etc. Keep these essentials in a small tray so that they are handy to be used.
  • Do not forget to keep fresh towels in the bathroom. You can keep different-coloured towels from the ones that your family members use.
  • Keep laundry bags either in the room or bathroom.
  • Acquaint your guests about hot and cold water faucets so that they can use them conveniently.

Some general home basics

  • If your guests are arriving with children, keep the fragile showpieces out-of-reach.
  • Keep some magazines and books in the living room. Make a small reading corner for your guests.
  • Keep extra slippers near the entrance or your shoe rack. They are essential not only for your guests, but you would not want to untidy your home with outside dust.
  • Place some tea bags, sugar, milk, coffee and light snacks and coffee maker or electric kettle on your dining table so that your guests do not have to come to you to ask for a cup of tea. 

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Last Updated: Tue Feb 07 2017

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