Perks Of Living In A Small Town

Perks Of Living In A Small Town

Perks Of Living In A Small Town
Living in a small city has its own set of bonuses. (Wikipedia)

The bright lights charm many. But living in a small town has its own set of bonuses. A small, dusty town with a vast green expanse has its own appeal and aura. There are certain characteristics that are typical of such a place. MakaanIQ lists the perks of staying in a small town.

Affordable homes

Affordable house


In smaller cities, real estate is affordable. Another benefit is that you can get a large-sized property at the price of an apartment in a big city.

Low cost of living



Small cities offer low cost of living, as expenditure is less on groceries, food items and transportation. With low cost of living, you also get an opportunity to save more.

Good for start-ups

(start-up) wikiepedia.org


Small towns are an ideal place to start a business. You can begin with a little investment and even hire employees at a moderate of cost. You will not have to pay commercial rent through your nose, as rentals will be within your budget. With less expenditure, you may reap higher profits.


save time (wikipedia.org)


The biggest disadvantage of big cities is that you waste long hours commuting. In small cities, every place is in the vicinity. You can utilise the saved time by spending it with your family, friends or on yourself.

Ample parking space



Parking issues can wreak a havoc in big cities. However, in small towns it is a not such a big problem yet. Small towns offer ample parking space, as the number of vehicles is low when compared with the available space.

Clean air

clean air


Compared with life in cities, there is less noise in smaller towns. With more spacious fields and greenery around, you breathe more fresh air. The pollution level in most metro cities is above the danger level which causes health hazard.

Neighbours are extended families

neighbor (wikipedia.org)


With fast-paced life in big cities, people do not get time to bond with their neighbours. In fact, in many cases, they do not even know their neighbours. But in a small town, people know their neighbours, love them and spend quality time with them.

Last Updated: Mon Jun 20 2016

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