Narrow your search, make the best investment decision with Makaan.com

Narrow your search, make the best investment decision with Makaan.com

Narrow your search, make the best investment decision with Makaan.com

Ease in short listing of properties is the most critical factor for home buyers in India. We know that you were tired of the traditional and the standard way of showing available property listings and so were we! After analyzing the industry trends and keeping the user experience at the priority, Makaan.com had launched the map-based property search for the Indian buyers in September 2013. Following the feedbacks regarding enriched user experience in terms of easy sorting of the properties and grasping interface and keeping the ever changing needs and requirement of our users in mind, we have added a few features that are being introduced in the Indian property market for the first time.

Different home buyers have different concepts in mind for their dream abode. For some, community living is ideal for having good social surroundings while for others, proximity of basic amenities like hospitals, schools, public transport etc. defines the perfect residential location. Keeping in mind the need and requirement of home buyers, Makaan.com has updated the Map based Search with “New Projects” tab for displaying properties available for buying categorized according to Real estate Projects; earlier the map only displayed individual properties and not the properties accumulated as per projects.

Let’s have an in depth description of the new features by breaking them into sections:

Section I: Display of projects on the map

  • Home buyers get a view of all available projects in a given geographical area or a city. The screen grab given below shows the available projects for sale in Delhi/NCR.
  • If you take your mouse over any project, a modal dialogue box appears that gives the basic information about the project, namely, the project name, project image, number of properties available, the starting price of the properties etc.
  • If you like any project, you can get more details by clicking on the project icon. The details include comparison between all the properties available under the project, list of available amenities, neighbourhood facilities etc. of the project.

  • Apart from project details, important information with respect to Locality, Commute, Directions and Properties is displaced for the benefit of buyers.
  • Locality’ includes and marks the information (names and location) regarding hospitals, schools, ATMs and malls located around the project.
  • Commute’ helps buyers to locate the nearby public transport like Railways, Bus stands and Metro stations.
  • Directions’ allow the buyer to find route to reach the project from any other location in the city i.e., directions from office or kids’ school to the project.
  • The most important feature, ‘Properties’ shows a comparative chart enlisting all the properties available for sale in that particular project. The properties are compared on the parameters of bedroom size, area, price, seller details etc. The users can shortlist properties after comparing them and view seller information.
  • A user can also search for a particular project by entering the name of the project in the search bar available at the top of the page.

Section II: List View of project on the map

  • Home buyers can see all the projects on the map in the traditional list view as well on the left hand side. This has been provided for the benefit of users who prefer the traditional interface.
  • If a home buyer takes his mouse on a project (in the list view), it simultaneously gets highlighted on the map to enable the buyer locate the project.
  • Initially, no more than 50 projects are shown in the list and map view; however, there is an option to view the next sets of 50 projects.

Section III: Legends for Commute, Locality and BHK

  • The legends for Commute and Locality can be used to find hospitals, schools, ATMs, Malls and commuting option that are available in the projects visible on the map. This gives an idea of the facilities so that a buyer is able to compare them with the facilities available around other projects.
  • Lastly, the BHK legend gives the freedom to the user to filter the displayed projects on the basis of the number of bedrooms (which is among the key considerations for a home buyer).

Here’s what a Makaan.com interactive map looks like with a search set up for projects for buying in Delhi/NCR.

Apart from the incorporation of the project search on the map interface, the following Bonus Feature has been added for the user convenience:

Automatic selection of search interface: The ‘map based search’ initiative has always been complementary to the existing ‘list based search’ and the user had the option of switching between the two depending on his preference. Further, a new “intelligent” feature has been incorporated in the system under which there will be an automatic selection of the search page depending on system intelligence of the user. The automatic selection helps the users in having quicker interactions in terms of filtered and compared results for the properties.

The high end technology and features of map-based search would empower Indian homebuyers with information and knowledge like never before. This knowledge will assist in taking an informed property buying decision from the comfort of their homes and offices.

Last Updated: Fri Mar 14 2014

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