Moving To A New Home? 7 Things You Can Do Away With

Moving To A New Home? 7 Things You Can Do Away With

Moving To A New Home? 7 Things You Can Do Away With

A new home means a fresh start. While we tend to take all that we had in our old home, we would want to fill our new home with things which have long become out of use. Apart from letting you keep things light, this would also help you give your home décor a neat look.

MakaaniQ list things you could get rid of when moving to a new home:

The old magazines

The declutter drive in most of the homes begins from the wardrobes or boxes that store old papers, newspapers, and magazines. Those magazines that you bought years ago because it featured your favourite cricketer, actor or politician, it's time to get rid of them. You have never turned back to this stack for years, and you will most likely not do in the years to come. Same goes for old newspapers clippings, old diaries or notebooks. We understand that most of this stuff has been kept owning to the sentimental value attached. But, it might be occupying too much of space.

That old linen

It's time you dress up your home with new linen. Avoid carrying linen that is mighty old. While you could retain the ones that are unpacked or used once or twice, but let the old ones be. They are too worn out, and will only pull down the aesthetic value of your new home.

Appliances you don't use

You bought that air fryer and that juicer because you were on a weight-loss spree. How often do you actually use these appliances? Not often enough! What is the use of keeping them in that case? It is better to let go off appliances that are of no use or if you already have an upgraded version with you. If they are in working condition, you could sell them on online buying-selling sites. You can also exchange them at certain electronics stores and buy something you would need in your new home.

Clothes you don't wear

Is your mother after you to clean up that wardrobe and do away with old clothes you have kept because of some sentimental value? Now is the time to clean up. Get rid of clothes you have not worn for years (even if it's with a heavy heart) or those that don't fit you anymore. Think of how clean your new wardrobe would look with limited things kept in a well-organised manner.

Little things you loved once

We all have our favourites as a child. But what is the use of keeping that soft toy you played with when you were a teenage girl? These have been in your room for years, just there adding no value to the aesthetics or is functional in any way. It's time to decorate your room with your recent list of favourites.

Those lovely bottles in your bathroom

You love adding to your toiletries collection. You also keep certain bottles only because they look so beautiful. Into your new home, try keeping this number in control. Also, do away with products that are expired or are almost finished.

That extra chair

You have so many articles of furniture in your old home. But, it is not necessary that they will be of use in the new one. Take only those articles that fit into the overall décor of the new house.

Last Updated: Fri Mar 03 2017

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