Moving House Checklist: 9 Things To Do

Moving House Checklist: 9 Things To Do

Moving House Checklist: 9 Things To Do
Tag all carton boxes according to room to which they may go to. Write a description of what is inside. (Dreamstime)

Moving house may seem like a massive undertaking. Plan well. When you get your completion and moving dates, it is time to get going. Here is a step-by-step checklist, on what you should do first.

Three months earlier

Before hiring a packers and movers company, ask any of your friends or relatives who recently moved to a new house or have already used the service. This is a way to get a good idea of which company is the best in the market and can offer you better service.

Two months earlier

Once you have selected your packers and movers company, budget your expenses, write a contract, and establish moving transit insurance. Insurance is highly advisable because it would help of any damage happens to your furniture or any of your belongings. Arrange a visit, so that they can have a clear idea about the items in the house to move. Make sure that objects that require special handling like of glass, crockery, chandeliers, etc. are moved to your new home carefully.

One month earlier

As there is only one month left, start preparing now. Start clearing out the house. Be organised. Declutter your house. You need to clear out stuff that fits in with your new house. Look at the floor plan of your upcoming home and decide where your furniture is going to fit. If the new house has no place for it, offer it to family or friends – or push-off to a 'buying and selling' websites where anyone can buy and sell used products.

Three weeks earlier

If you have a school going child, visit the school and complete all the transfer-related work. Visit the local authority to get certified that your address has changed. Get done with all other procedures too. Transfer cooking gas. Pay your charges and pending dues, like that of newspaper and telephone.

Two weeks earlier

Start labelling. Tag all carton boxes according to the room to which they may go to. Write a description of what is inside. This is a way to speed up the work of packers and movers. They will be able to do things quickly if they also know what is inside. This will cut down half the work while unpacking all boxes. Being the owner, you should know this in and out.

One week earlier

Clear up the stuff in the kitchen. This has more to do with hygiene. Start fishing off all the used packets. Dump them if the expiry date is over, or if you are not able to finish off before the day of shifting or moving. Crosscheck all legal documents and insurance papers. Make a final list of all carton boxes, as your packing should be done by this time.

One day before

If the new house is nearby, visit and do a final check. Walk around the property to make sure that nothing is wrong. The new house should be clean enough to unload your stuff. Double-check to make sure that everything in the new house is in order, and meets the terms of your purchase contract. Charge your mobile fully, because you will be making many phone calls. Any kind of emergency can come up.

On the day you move

This is a very emotional day. You are shifting to a new house, but there will be many memories attached to where you lived until then. Be alert all the time. Work with packers and movers, and identify boxes that need special care. Move them yourself so that you can handle them with more care.

Once you are in your new house

Reach your new house before the packers and movers. Account for each item on your inventory. Check for damaged and missing items. Sign the document after you inspect the boxes thoroughly. Get familiar with the neighbourhood.

Last Updated: Thu Sep 22 2016

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