Moving Homes? 4 Tips To Make It A Stress-Free Experience

Moving Homes? 4 Tips To Make It A Stress-Free Experience

Moving Homes? 4 Tips To Make It A Stress-Free Experience

Change is always hard to deal with. Especially, when it concerns moving to a new house. Without proper planning, moving house can simply take away all the excitement of possession of a new home. Hiring professional movers and packers does help in organising and coordinating things, but it does not guarantee a stress-free shifting experience.

MakaaniQ tells you what you should do to ensure a hassle-free experience of moving to a new house:

Start early

Plan the entire move in advance, preferably three months prior to the actual shifting. This will equip you to figure out and sort out any issues. Create a moving house checklist and plan the packing for each room individually. Secure important documents like birth certificates, passports, immigration documents, medical records and property deeds. Do not mix them up with other belongings to avoid the risk of losing them.

Research the new neighbourhood

Do your research on the locality you will be settling in. Find out the schools, malls and restaurants to get a feel of the area. Introduce yourself to your new neighbours and make yourself comfortable in the new neighbourhood.

Declutter, declutter, declutter

A cluttered space is the main cause of stress. Before you begin packing, make sure you get rid of the items you don't need to lighten your packing load. Begin accumulating boxes several weeks prior to your move. Request for leftover boxes from friends and neighbours. Smartly label the boxes to identify the stuff.

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Change your address

Inform relevant parties like the bank, car insurance and registration provider, etc. regarding the change in your address. Update the details on the electoral roll. This is best advised to be done as early as possible than to rely on new tenants of your old house to forward your mails.

Clear your calendar

Set aside a specific time for exclusively focusing on packing tasks. Seek a day off from work, request a babysitter or a family member to look after your children and clear your schedule for a weekend.

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Last Updated: Mon Apr 24 2017

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