Mistakes to avoid while selling a home

Mistakes to avoid while selling a home

Mistakes to avoid while selling a home

In most cases, the golden period and experience of owning a home is as good as inverted when a homeowner thinks about selling it. One of the major reasons why it happens is a seller’s emotional attachment with the home. That is one reason that cannot be helped; however, here is a guide to solving the other major problems involved in home selling. A seller should make sure that he does not commit the following mistakes while putting up a property for sale:

High pricing of home:

The worst and still the most recurring mistake that a seller makes is over-pricing the property. A wrong price tag neither attracts buyers nor interests brokers. One should keep the prevailing conditions of market in mind while pricing a home. The conditions include demand for homes, location of the subject property and competitors. If there are a lot of homes in the area that are up for sale then make sure that the selling price of your home is within the same range; that puts your home in the running.

Bad condition of home:

Prepare a home before putting it up for sale in the market. Apart from making it look inviting from the face of it, make sure that all the repairs are completed. The minor repairs like fixing the leaking faucets, broken windows, damaged stairs and chipped off plasters can have a very positive impact on the value of the home. If the home does not have a good appearance then the prospective buyers might get disappointed and lose interest in the home. Make your home stand out so that the competition in the market decreases.

While advertising use effective methods and good shot photographs. You can list your property by visiting http://www.makaan.com/list-property.

Selling a home requires a lot of persistence and market research; however, if you are not getting any positive feedback and follow up within the first month of listing a property then it is something to worry about and bring about a change in your strategy. Explore what is going around and undo the mistakes that might have been committed in the initial try. A combination of adjusting the price and making some repairs will speed up the selling process and extract the maximum gain out of it.

Last Updated: Fri Feb 22 2013

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