Makaan.com revamps its mobile site: Property pictures given highest visibility

Makaan.com revamps its mobile site: Property pictures given highest visibility

Makaan.com revamps its mobile site: Property pictures given highest visibility

India is witnessing a mobile revolution and the number of smartphone users are likely to cross 180 Million over the next 12 months. There are many users who are experiencing internet for the first time on mobile and therefore it is important for the organizations to provide them the information in the medium of their preference. Keeping this in mind, Makaan.com, India's fastest growing property website, revamped its mobile site with a new Photo view feature that gives the user a feel of the property along with its important details. The current revamp has enabled the company to improve key user engagement metrics like time spend and conversion rate.

The revamped mobile site also offers adaptability and adjustability feature. This feature allows the site to craft a customized experience for each device, be it a Blackberry, Android or an I-Phone. It automatically delivers the content the users want to see, site adjusts the resolution to accommodate content in the given screen size. Along with adjusting the content to screen size the site also adjusts and loads according to the internet connection available to ensure best user experience.

The mobile site aims to make property search faster, simpler and easier. The design, structure and functionality of the site have been optimized so that users get immersed in the property listings. The mobile site has improved the user engagement and the users can now add a property to 'Favorites', to quickly search for them when they visit the site again. They can also use Connect instantly with the seller feature. Additionally, users can also browse the properties on map along with locality information, such as Schools, ATM, Mall, Hospitals, etc. The revamped site has enabled Makaan.com to enhance its performance with a 20.2% increase in conversion rate. This is a huge competitive advantage as the mobile site will be able to generate over 20% more enquiries from same traffic.

Commenting on the launch Aditya Verma, CEO of Makaan.com said,” The sheer penetration of mobile in India ensures that Internet on mobile has far greater penetration as compared to wireline broadband connections. It appears fairly inevitable that mobile will become the primary source for accessing internet for a majority of internet users and therefore businesses will have to adapt to this changing user landscape. Having a mobile version of the desktop site will become passé and product teams will have to conceptualize UX and features keeping mobile at the center stage. The first-time-internet users, need more intuitive and easy designs so that they are able to relate, understand and engage with the content. Our new mobile site, is a testimony of this”.

Last Updated: Tue Aug 26 2014

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