Makaan.com is the "on the Go destination" for properties

Makaan.com is the "on the Go destination" for properties

Makaan.com is the "on the Go destination" for properties

Makaan.com revamps its mobile site with host of interesting features facilitating easy discovery of properties

India is a “Mobile first” internet market, with majority of searches happening on mobile. Mobile searches are growing at a faster pace compared to desktop. Traditionally mobile version of all sites (including property sites) has been a poor adaptation of desktop sites, slow, with small images and with limited features. Most sites are not designed for mobile making discovery of properties extremely difficult.

This is set to change now with Makaan.com’s new and revamped mobile site making it an ideal “On the Go destination” for property buyers. The updated mobile site is extremely contemporary with host of features facilitating easy discovery of properties. Some enhancements that are likely to benefit the buyers are:

Makaan.com mobile site
Made for mobile: The site is not a strip down version of desktop, but designed considering the requirements of mobile users. Key interfaces like Home and Search screens are optimized for highest Google page speed score for usability among all the property sites. The site automatically responds to your screen size, OS, bandwidth and location. All this intelligence helps to have an amazing experience across various devices and browsers.

Rich features: Being optimized does not impact the feature list and value that it delivers. Loaded list of features like immersive photo view, map view, nearby facilities, amenities, project details help you to narrow your property search. You can easily find the nearby Schools, ATM, Hospitals, Malls, Train/Metro and Bus stations. Once you like a property it can be stored in your “favorite bucket” for easy access. “Photo view” on mobile is the 1st initiative of its kind in the Indian property market.
Makaan.com mobile search page

Makaan.com mobile navigation
Contemporary Look: The site has an easy and natural user interface. All the important information is highlighted for easy understanding with quick buttons. It requires minimum typing and enables easy swipes. Latest technology and smart way to represent information helps to de-clutter interface. Easy navigation ensures that you do not move away from the property search anytime (this was a major limitation with other property sites).

Instant Connect: Leave your concerns related to privacy and spam behind. You can view contact details of the sellers without filling any form. Additionally, use the “Connect seller” where Makaan.com connects buyers and sellers together thru a system generated call. If the seller is busy, the system retries automatically after sometime.
Makaan.com connect seller instantly

Makaan.com refine search between properties
Artificial intelligence: Logic running in the background works like a virtual property assistant to help you find right properties based on your preference. Based on your journey of discovering properties, Makaan.com automatically personalizes the results for you. It also recommends properties instantly matching your property requirement. Makaan.com also sends FREE property alerts to your email. “In-content refine” technique is used for the 1st time in the Indian property market. It enables you to refine results based on bedrooms, budget etc while you are browsing properties without you having to make multiple selections.

To summarize, the new makaan.com mobile site is an easy, intuitive and smooth interface aimed to help you find your dream home in a faster, smoother and sharper manner. Go and discover the new www.makaan.com mobile site.

Last Updated: Wed Jan 28 2015

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