Makaan.com allows Home Buyers to "Compare Properties" before taking the final call

Makaan.com allows Home Buyers to "Compare Properties" before taking the final call

Makaan.com allows Home Buyers to "Compare Properties" before taking the final call

Comparing the attribute of any product before the final decision is normal buyer behavior and same is applicable for the real estate industry. Whenever you search for properties to buy or rent in a particular city or area, a good website generally shows a plethora of properties matching your search criteria. Generally, there are some thousands of properties and you scroll down the page glancing through properties and evaluating each one in your mind. As you are among more mature users, you would reach out for the refinement options to narrow you options; however, for most searches there are still hundreds of properties and you may get puzzled and sort of entangled while trying to figure out the once that are most suitable. Makaan.com identified the perplexity and has brought about a new feature for your convenience. Makaan.com has launched the “Compare Properties” feature that allows you to compare the attribute of the various properties before talking to the seller or taking the final call.

Here is how “Compare Properties” feature works:

1. Perform a basic property search: Start your search on Makaan.com by entering the basic details of your property requirement. This includes entering the City, Location, Type of property, BUY / RENT, Budget etc. and other search criteria. Click the SEARCH to reach the search result page, which lists multiple properties matching your criteria.

2. Add property that you wish to COMPARE: While browsing through properties, you will see a new link “Add to Compare” on each property. This link enables you to select properties (maximum 4) whose attributes you would like to compare. A “COMPARE” button appears on left hand side as soon as you add a property to compare. As you add multiple properties, they get organized in a panel below the compare button. If you like to remove or replace one property with another, just click on the number for that property.

3. Click to see the property comparison: Once you have added properties you want to compare, just click on the “COMPARE” button. A window with detailed comparisons among selected property attributes opens from left to right. The window offers graphical and textual comparison of the properties for the various attributes and specifications like Property price, Property rate, Area, Amenities, Age of construction etc. The best value of any attribute gets highlighted with a light blue background.

4. Contacting the seller: Once you have decided on the choice of property, you can contact the seller(s) using the contact seller button.

The new feature by Makaan.com has been brought about keeping the user convenience in mind and providing a superior real-estate experience by easy to use interfaces and features that make the property search experience intriguing.

Last Updated: Thu Oct 24 2013

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