Looking For Property In Chennai For Rs 30 Lakh? Head To Avadi

Looking For Property In Chennai For Rs 30 Lakh? Head To Avadi

Looking For Property In Chennai For Rs 30 Lakh? Head To Avadi

If you have a restricted budget of Rs 30-50 lakh and yet you are looking for features such as infrastructure and connectivity, Avadi in Chennai could be the end of your search.

As a suburb located in the north of Chennai in Thiruvallur district, Avadi is witnessing a steady growth in real estate activities. While there are a number of factors that make the area a potential destination for investment, affordability and good connectivity are the ones that top the ladder.


Avadi enjoys smooth connectivity through the suburban railway network and the Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTS). In addition, the Poonamallee High Road and the Chennai-Tirupathi Highway renders Avadi easily accessible to the southern parts of the city while the Redhills High Road connects it to the north.

Further, the Poonamalle High Road connects Avadi to Sriperumbudur. So, the distance of about 25-30 km is covered in only 40 minutes if you are driving.


Apartments of 835-1,240 square foot (sqft) are available within Rs 3,500-4,000 per sqft. So, an 850-sqft apartment, for instance, is available at Rs 30 lakh. On an average, the wide range at Avadi is between Rs 30-50 lakh. However, units with lower and higher values are also available.

Interestingly, as one moves away from the main road, the property values drop. Prices are as low as Rs 2,200-2,500 per sqft for housing units built away from the main road.

Avadi is also preferred for its economic viability by people working in the commercial hub of Ambattur.


Demand for Avadi real estate is swarming mainly due to quality social and physical infrastructure. Avadi boasts all amenities required by an end-user such as hospitals, banks, schools, restaurants and theatres. So, the locality continues to be in demand for rental accommodation as well. Currently, a 2BHK is available for Rs 7,000-8,000 and a 3BHK for Rs 8,000-10,000 per month.


Interestingly, mostly individual houses are available towards the interiors of the area. Multi-storey apartments are limited along the Chennai-Tirupathi Highway and the Poonamalle High Road and near the railway station. Today, Avadi has witnessed a steady increase in supply of condominiums. S Promoters, Asvini Foundations and Vivendi Ventures are some of the developers that have come up with the projects in the locality.

Last Updated: Fri Feb 02 2018

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