Looking For A Serviced Apartment? Consider These

Looking For A Serviced Apartment? Consider These

Looking For A Serviced Apartment? Consider These

People move to different cities either for work or pleasure. Finding a suitable accommodation arrangement for short or extended stays, become a concern. This is true particularly for business travellers when their stay gets extended and living in overpriced hotel rooms no longer remains a viable option. Besides, opting for a rented apartment may involve long-term obligations.

Serviced apartments, therefore, are becoming an established asset class and the most sought-after housing option compared to rented or fully-furnished apartments or even hotel rooms. With the increasing number of corporate travellers, especially in major cities such as Delhi and NCR, serviced apartments continue to grow.   

MakaaniQ brings you more details and useful tips for choosing a serviced apartment

What are serviced apartments?

Serviced apartments are fully-furnished residences, with specialised features, which are made available for short-term or long-term stays. The apartments may vary from studios to 4 or 5-bedroom spaces, which can be opted for, according to one's preference. They are accompanied by various amenities such as a fully-equipped kitchen, housekeeping service, etc.

Advantages of serviced apartments

Affordable: The biggest advantage of a serviced apartment is their price. They are sure to give value for money, with prices being significantly less when compared to hotel room rates.

Greater space and privacy: Serviced apartments are spacious and designed to accommodate more people and store everything you need. They offer home-like comfort with a fully fitted kitchen where guests have the freedom to cook their own meals and enjoy their privacy.

Hotel-like facilities: Serviced apartments promise complete comfort for the residents by providing hassle-free check-ins/outs, gymnasium, lounge area, 24-hour concierge, washing machine, television, telephone and Wi-Fi connection, that too, without any extra charges. They eliminate the hassles of renting an apartment involving tenancy agreements, credit checks, etc.

Profitable assets for owners: More and more developers in India are realising the potential of serviced apartments. They are now providing facility management services or collaborating with hospitality firms, for additional services. An investment in serviced apartments is now seen as a great idea for earning high rental incomes.

Things to consider when choosing serviced apartments

  • Plan a budget: It is highly recommended to consider your budget and the size of accommodation you are looking for, say a one-bedroom unit. Go through reviews and compare prices of various available options before finalising on one.
  • Central location: Ideally, serviced apartments are located centrally near prominent landmarks. Remember to check the location and ensure your workplace and public transportation are easily accessible, so that you save your valuable time and money.
  • Security: Ensure the building has a proper security system installed which include CCTV cameras and security personnel.
  • Helpdesk: It is best to confirm with your business travel manager about the details of the helpdesk/ staff where you can get all your queries addressed.

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