Life In A Metro: The Pros & Cons

Life In A Metro: The Pros & Cons

Life In A Metro: The Pros & Cons
Metros are known to be the first cities to have the latest-in-the-market amenities. (Pixabay)

Metropolises in India have seen an insurgence of people from across various cities in the country. A large portion of this population migrates for work and some for education, too. But, are metros the right place to live in? Well, that's a personal choice.

Though living in a metro could be a great way to keep up with the changing world and avail the best of amenities, the smaller towns give you the luxury of a slow and comfortable life.

So, for those still planning to make a choice between a metro or a small town, MakaanIQ talks about the pros and cons of living in a metro:

The bright side

  • Amenities for Comfortable Living: Metros are known to be the first cities to have the latest-in-the-market amenities. Ranging from free Wi-Fi to air-conditioned buses, and from a shopping mall to an ATM at every nook and corner. All these amenities make living comfortable in a metro. Metros also ensure good connectivity via various public transport systems including road and rail. For leisure, the city would have ample shopping, eating out, fitness and other recreational activity centres. It also has well-equipped healthcare centres, too. Though cities beyond metros have these facilities but there are not too many or within a stone's throw.
  • Better career opportunities: Metros are known to give ample job opportunities to the many and across various categories. For those planning to explore new avenues or study along with work, metros could be your preferred choice.
  • Higher Return on Investment (ROI): For those planning to invest in real estate, metros could be your preferred location. Localities in metros that are up and coming, enjoy good connectivity, and is in proximity to commercial centres could be a high ROI generating locations. The existing world-class infrastructure and the development of new usually leads to price appreciation yielding higher returns on your investment.

The hindsight

  • Cost of living: To avail of the best-in-class amenities and to maintain a standard of living in a metro city could be heavy on the pocket. For instance, for a price you buy or even renting a 3BHK apartment in a city beyond metros you could only get a 1BHK in the metros.
  • Stressful life: Life in a metro is known to be busy, ever-moving and stressful. With everyone competing to be in the business, with traffic snarls, and a pollution plaguing the cities, it can be difficult for some to survive. Especially, the old. Infact, according to a study by Office for National Statistics, people living in rural areas have a higher life expectancy. Other issues that a metro faces include high crime rate, less parking space and minimal greenery due to deforestation.
  • Scarcity of Resources: Metros have high density of population. As a result, there is shortage of basic resources. Thus, putting a strong pressure on these resources which include water, electricity, among others.
Last Updated: Thu Jul 07 2016

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