Key Features That Home Seekers Look For In Property Listings

Key Features That Home Seekers Look For In Property Listings

Key Features That Home Seekers Look For In Property Listings

Property listing online is a cost-effective way for property sellers to reach a large base of home seekers. Property listings let home seekers get enough information on the properties of their interest, thus, helping them make a more calculated decision. However, when it comes to purchasing your dream home in the metropolitan cities of India, you consider a number of factors. The prime factors that change the requirement of properties in every city include infrastructure, land supply, geographical location, weather, and population. But, there are some unique requirements and trends that set the listings of the top Indian metropolitan cities apart.

MakaanIQ, based on an analysis, lists some popular amenities and trends that home seekers look for when buying an apartment in some of the key cities in India:



Being a densely populated city with limited supply of land,car parking facility is one of the most demanded facility in Delhi and national capital region (NCR). Thus, leading the charts of most-emphasised on facility in property listings for Delhi-NCR. The second most important factor in the project's connectivity to the Metro. The home seekers have a preference for apartments that have a metro station in the vicinity. Also, home seekers want to ensure continuous supply of water and electricity. So, that is a close third most-asked-for facility when it comes to property listing.

Also, in the NCR region, specifically, home seekers now look for earthquake-resistant apartments. This trend, has emerged since the 2015 Nepal earthquake, that jolted the Delhi-NCR region, too. Moreover, the NCR region including Noida and Ghaziabad sit on the Yamuna bed, which makes these two areas more prone to damage in case of an earthquake.

Pune & Hyderabad


Pune and Hyderabad, which have become one of the most sought-after destinations for luxury and semi-luxury apartments in recent years, witness listing features such as modular kitchens, Italian marble, wooden flooring, swimming pools, and a host of recreational amenities on the top.



A city which has a space crunch, faces water shortage, and is flooded with real estate, a well-ventilated apartment with an open view and 24-hour water supply are some of the most asked-for and emphasised-on listing features. Another common feature that lures the property seekers in Mumbai, nowadays, is the project's proximity to the mono-rail station.



Being the base for High Networth Individuals (HNIs) and expatriates, there has been an increased demand for high-end residential apartments in Bengaluru. The residents of Bengaluru are among one of the most-travelled individual with a sophisticated taste. This also reflects in their choice of amenities, too. Features including Jacuzzi, multi-level parking, landscaped gardens, and electronic surveillance units are common in Bengaluru's high-end property listings.

Last Updated: Tue Aug 30 2016

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