How To Turn Your Home Trendy Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

How To Turn Your Home Trendy Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

How To Turn Your Home Trendy Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

You do not necessarily have to make large-scale investments to pep up your humble abode. You do not look convinced, right? How can the house look grand without a beautiful sofa like your next-door neighbour has? Your electricity fixtures are just too old-fashioned. What impression can you make without those fancy lights you saw at your colleague's house last week? And, nothing can match those extraordinary pieces of art that adorn the beautifully painted walls of your boss's house. Your linen is shiny no more, and God knows bed sheets and sofa covers cost you a fortune these days. You will also have to make dramatic investments in your knick-knacks collection to seem like a family who knows how to live in style.

While your imagination takes you higher and higher as you visualise shiny lights, plush sofas, silky bedsheets and oil paintings created by the artists of extraordinary brilliance, your reverie is interrupted right after you think of your finances. Such a reverie is more likely to cause a tremendous amount of pain to you if you are a renter with a fine taste, and would want the world to see it.

But the key to deck up your homes does not lie in malls alone. Malls often have those stores which sell eye-dazzling home décor stuff that takes your breath away. They inspire you to do better in your career, earn more money so that you can afford the vintage armchair put to display. Oh, how your children loved the bunk bed they saw the other day at the mall!

Coming back to the point, they are the places that inspire you, but there are other places that could give shape to your aspirations. If you live in Delhi, for instance, a visit to the old furniture market at Amar Colony in the southern part of the city would show you can have it all pretty good in unimaginably affordable prices.

Though they have yet to earn a name of global repute, works of budding artists who create exceptionally beautiful paintings will be grand enough to redefine your home.

And, if you are a traveller, the local markets of small towns near your cities must be explored with great care. In the lesser-known havens of handicraft of small towns could lie the material that would, by adding a unique flavour to your home décor, turn your neighbours green with envy. 

Also, never overlook the fact that home décor is not about how many articles you have purchased; it is more about how beautiful different these articles are and how well they put to display your fine taste. Grand articles could be someone else's costly idea of home décor; you can discover and innovate a home décor idea what shapes well without making you feel financially restricted.

Last Updated: Mon Jan 23 2017

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