How to Smartly fill the application forms of DDA's 2014 Housing Scheme

How to Smartly fill the application forms of DDA's 2014 Housing Scheme

How to Smartly fill the application forms of DDA's 2014 Housing Scheme

Delhi Development Authority's (DDA) ambitious housing scheme 2014 is offering more than 25,034 flats. However the housing authority will be receiving applications in lakhs, with lesser flats available per application a successful application depends on a smart application. Let us first understand the allotment process.

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Filling up the Application form:

  • A unique two-digit code has been given to each flat category, at all the locations.
  • While filling the form, one will have to give five preferences.
  • People will have to enter the unique codes in the five options.
  • Applicants can apply for different categories of flats in separate localities or they can choose a single category of flats in different localities.
  • To strive for a brighter chance at getting a flat allotment, one should ideally choose to fill an assortment of all flat categories.

How will the Draw of Lots happen:

  • DDA will prepare two lists; one will have eligible applicants and the second will have code wise flats.
  • The computer will then randomize both the lists.
  • An independent body to overlook the procedure for transparency.
  • The panel will randomly select three different numbers, that will divide both the lists into five separate lots, the lots will have an equal number of 1BHK, 2BHK and 3 BHK flats in Delhi.

The process of Allotment

  • The draw will start with the selection of the application numbers from the first lot.
  • For the first application number selected, the computer will search for the first flat preference from the first lot of the list of flats.
  • Incase the first flat option is not available in the list, then the second option will be searched and this process will continue till a flat is matched.
  • If all the five options are unavailable in the particular flat list, the computer will search for the next application number. The process will continue till all the flats are allotted.

Wait list Applicants:

  • The housing authority will also draw an extra wait list of about 200 applicants, in case someone surrenders the flat or cancels the allotment.
  • The draw for the wait listed applicants will be held later.

Last Updated: Tue Sep 02 2014

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