How To Sell A House? Follow These 7 Steps

How To Sell A House? Follow These 7 Steps

How To Sell A House? Follow These 7 Steps

Planning to sell your house? It can be a smooth process to find a potential buyer and seal the deal only if you are well prepared. Here are seven steps which you could follow and make a smooth sail through your home-selling process:  
 Value it
The value of the house depends on various factors external and internal factors including location, size, market trends and also, the amenities. So, evaluate your property based on these factors to attract potential buyers. Though its difficult for a homeowner to evaluate property on their own, so it is important to hire a professional who could give you a market value of similar properties which are up for sale in the neighbourhood. 
Price it right
After you know the worth of your house, next step is to fix the right price which has some room for negotiation, too. It is possible that your house worth more than the market trend but the seller cannot charge against the price trends from the buyer as this will make the seller unable to find potential customers. There are many real estate websites which provide price data for specific areas. The seller could crosscheck with these websites.
Document it
It is always better to perform a document check before you start negotiating with the buyers. The most important document mandatory to sell a property is the sale/ purchase deed. The sale deed will authorise the property is on seller's name and only the seller has the full right to sell the property. The seller also would need a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the housing society. Buyers might also demand for a floor plan, property age, built-up area, freehold or not, car parking facilities, transfer charges, etc. The seller, for a smooth process, should have all these documents ready in advance.
At your service
The wise thing for a home owner selling their property is to hire a broker who understands the real estate market trend very well and can help the seller get the best deal. As selling a property could be a time-consuming process, having a professional handling it can make the process easy and transparent. But do a double check of the broker before you confirm him for the home selling process.
Advertise it
With the world going digital, people are also looking for homes online. As a home seller you could get your property on this fast platform and spread information of your property to a wider audience. To enhance the property listing you could add some pictures of the property and specifications about the features, amenities and configurations. This would help far-off buyers to know more about your property without having to visit it.  
Room for negotiation
Once the seller gets a potential buyer, the next step in home-selling should consist of both the parties mutually agreeing on the price of the property. Generally, if you hire a broker, this process is handled by the broker. A smart price helps you get the right price of the property.
On papers
Once, both the seller and the buyer finalise the deal and the payment method the deal can get close faster. Keep all the necessary documents handy. Make sure to keep proofs of prior purchases and property tax receipts. Also, do a thorough background check on the buyer and his/her details. Now, the buyer can fix a date with registrar office to get the property registered in the name of the buyer. Home-selling has to be done under the Indian Registration Act.

Last Updated: Mon Jun 17 2019

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