How To Measure The Construction Quality Of A Property

How To Measure The Construction Quality Of A Property

How To Measure The Construction Quality Of A Property

Viren Mehta purchased a 2BHK apartment in Ahmedabad from a local developer two years ago. He recently spotted cracks in the walls of his apartment and has noticed the wood frames of his doors and windows swelling up. Mehta now regrets finalising the property without undertaking a proper evaluation of the construction quality of the house. While most developers these days opt for modern technologies and finest construction materials, but homebuyers would still be best advised to run a thorough check on the property before signing on the dotted line. However, there are many like Mehta, who are unclear on how to check for construction quality of a building.

MakaanIQ provides a quick guide to analyse the construction quality of a property.


While signing the purchase agreement with the developer it is essential to look for builder annexures stating exact specifications of a building related to flooring, doors, windows, sanitary/electrical fittings, etc. as well as the quality of construction.

Third-party certifications

It would be impossible to undertake the complete inspection by the buyer alone. This is where independent auditors play a key role. Several developers in India already seek certifications like CIDC-CQRA Quality Certification, an initiative of Durocrete Construction Quality Rating Agency and Construction Industry Development Council, promoted by the Planning Commission. Besides, agencies like Confederation of Real Estate Developers' Associations of India (CREDAI) work towards safeguarding buyers' interest. Buyers could also request the developer to conduct an inspection by hiring a building Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) agency.

Common signs to look for

  • Foundation and building exteriors: If you notice patched cracks on the exterior surfaces of a building, this could imply a faulty foundation. Dampness on external walls after rains, cracks on walls and improper alignment of floors or tiles are common signs of poor exterior construction.
  • Insulation: Proper insulation of the floors, ceilings and walls reflect good quality construction.
  • Flooring: Squeaky floors indicate improperly glued or nailed floor boards.
  • Doors and windows: Creaking or sticking doors and windows could mean a bad construction, while well-fitted doors and window frames prove the construction quality is good.
  • Plastering on outer walls: A bad foundation could result in uneven plastering and cracks on outer walls.
  • Open areas: More open areas mean that the developer has not utilised every available square foot with sellable construction. Availability of aesthetically complete landscaping in a project means that the structure has been built to deliver value for a longer period.

Electrical and plumbing fixtures

Ensure that the builder had installed all electrical points and plumbing fittings as per the specifications mentioned in the agreement.

Last Updated: Mon Mar 06 2017

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