How to create a good listing

How to create a good listing

How to create a good listing

Selling a property is not an easy task. Here are 4 simple steps that will ensure your property listing gets buyers' attention

1. Upload Pictures

Post high-resolution pictures of your property, the interior as well as the exterior. Capture and post the best views of your property, highlighting its key features. Remember: A picture is worth a thousand words.

2. Unique Title

There is a very high number of sellers trying to market their property online. Take your time to pick out a unique name for your property listing. You want yours to stand out in the crowd. There is a lot in a name.

3. Map Your Property

Being specific on the location could help your property stand out better. Good listings have map pointers for buyers to understand the location of a property.

4. Detailed Description

A detailed description about your property would help buyers get a clear idea. Mention measurements and number of rooms and other specifications. Buyers also look for information on what facilities lie around the property. Elaborating on nearby schools, hospitals and malls and markets could help you in a big way.

Last Updated: Mon Sep 28 2015

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