How To Choose The Right Floor Plan

How To Choose The Right Floor Plan

How To Choose The Right Floor Plan

There are several aspects a homebuyer needs to consider while purchasing a home. From finances to floor plans, decision making is not easy. Talking about floor plans specifically, they are an essential feature of building construction. Whether you go for a ready-to-move apartment or collaborate with an architect, selecting the right floor plan is important for a comfortable living.

Discussing the right floor plan with the broker before buying a home is a smart idea. Not all floor plans suit your lifestyle. Every family has its own space and budget requirements, so is the floor plan.

MakaaniQ helps you find the right floor plan for you and your family.

Lifestyle needs

The kind of lifestyle you lead is what determines your floor plan. For instance, in case your family prefers outdoor living, then a house with accessible patios will be an ideal choice. Families with kids or teenagers will require more of private spaces.

Choose layout over aesthetics

Be practical and strike the right balance between luxury features and layout of the home. High-end floor finishing, stairways or ceiling windows may sure be an attraction but they would be of no use if the plan fails to meet the space needs of your family. While deciding, assess the number of bedrooms and bathrooms required for your family including guests.


For a pleasurable living experience, make sure the floor plan adheres to the contemporary standards of construction wherein complete privacy is guaranteed, viz. a kitchen with balcony, ample distance between the bedrooms and the living room or between kitchen and toilet, etc.

Flexible and versatile

Having a flexible house plan allows you to convert spaces and alterations in the layout as per your requirements. A spare bedroom could be turned into a home office or a playroom could be converted into another bedroom when kids grow up.


Finally, opt for a plan that suits your budget. A large floor plan with unnecessary larger spaces will be a burden on your pocket as their maintenance will lead to additional monthly operating expenses. Similarly, a smaller space will be unable to accommodate when your family has more members or lot of possessions.


The area where the property is built will play a crucial role in determining the size and functionality of your home. Think from the perspective of children's safety. Homes with best views of the surroundings will be more preferred than those which open up towards the neighbour's balcony or window.

Last Updated: Wed Feb 01 2017

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