How To Choose From Multiple Offers When Selling A Home

How To Choose From Multiple Offers When Selling A Home

How To Choose From Multiple Offers When Selling A Home

Have got multiple offer to sell your home but are confused which one should you go for? They all seem good. MakaanIQ tells how you could choose the best offer:

Don't go after the highest price

In their zeal to become a homeowner of a valuable property, many buyers would agree to pay the price you have demanded or would be willing to pay more than that amount. However, as the seller, it is your responsibility to ensure the buyer has enough funds to materialise the deal. You must also ensure that the buyers have a prior approval for a home loan, etc.

Compare the list of wants

Buyers see making demands about what the property should have and should not have as their key right. Sometimes, the highest bidder might make demands that might sound unreasonable to you. Don't be under any pressure to give in to such demands if you are not comfortable with it.

Talk about other 'offers on the table'

Now that you have got many offers, you could cite them to your potential buyers to get a better deal. However, you must not look too pushy about it.

Hire an agent

Hiring an agent makes the process smooth and keeps you away from any confusion you might face in case of multiple offers. First, the agent would help you fix the best price at which you could close the deal. The agent would also help you know about the buyer, his home loan strategy. Further, the agent would help you consider the contingencies made by the buyer and compare them. 

Last Updated: Tue Sep 06 2016

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