How To Choose A Builder: Tips And Checklist

How To Choose A Builder: Tips And Checklist

How To Choose A Builder: Tips And Checklist
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Choosing the right builder is really important when it comes to giving life to your dream house. It is always advisable not to settle for something less than the actual fit. There will, of course, be countless options of developers and building agencies to offer you help, so you need to make the right choice and finalise on the one that you find the most suitable.

Follow these few simple tips for choosing the builder of your dream home:

Approach a builder only when the right time comes

Proceed with a drawing of your dream house at first. Then, approach a builder. If you think a builder will perfectly let you know about the right price before any blueprint of your house then you are making the first mistake in your journey of building a house. It is always better to have a clear idea about what you want to include in your house and make a list of them.

Then you must decide what kind of builder you actually require - a general builder or a specialist

Now you have the blueprint of your house. You have a clear idea about what you want to set up in your home. Now it is your decision to choose between a general builder and a specialist. You can contact a general builder at the first stage of the work and discuss with him whether all of the required tasks he can perform well or does him need assistance. You can even contact different companies for different parts of your house, such as contact a door company to choose doors or a loft company for the basement part.

Analyse the project’s scope

You can contact the high-end building companies or small building companies, it depends on how much you want to cost for this part of the project. Bigger companies will complete the project quickly with more workforces but it will be quite expensive. Small companies may need more days to finish the work but it won’t cost you a fortune.

Engage only one building contractor

Usually people tend to contact multiple professionals to complete a house, however, it is always recommended to engage a single building contractor. Hiring one main contractor is easier to coordinate with. Managing multiple contractors can be a headache sometimes.

Do not keep poking nose into the builder’s business constantly

The professional builders know what you want actually by going through the design of your house. Let him handle the project. You keep an eye on his work and check on how the work is proceeding.

Specification is the key

Let the builder know clearly what you want from him. Speak with him in detail what are the exact designs you are expecting, who are supplying the raw materials and after discussing all of the necessary details ask him to prepare your bill.

Get the best out of your builders through bidding

Generally, we tend to contact one builder only to complete a project. However, it can be cost effective if you bid with three to four builders. You never know what you can get and what the best price is if you do not visit multiple builders.

A contract usually proves to be beneficial

Oral contracts are not a great choice when you are indulging yourself into building up a house for yours and dear ones’ future. Preparing a contract letter with clear design of your ideal house and attach the scheduling of the time period for each part of the house.

Hire someone to help the builder in the finishing part

The finishing part includes keeping an eye on the proper cable connection, wire connection or looking for the proper set up of tiles, faucets, appliances, cabinets and so on. Your builder can hire himself for this part or the supplier company can send someone to your house to complete this part of the project.

Proper inspection is essential

Building a house is not a small scale of work. Sometimes, some small but important parts of the projects get left behind which people or homeowners notice later on when the builder is gone. To save yourself from this hassle, prepare a list of the necessary works and inspect whether all of them are done or not.

Organising everything properly is hard and time-consuming but it can save you lots of time, stress and money. So, make sure to communicate with your builder at regular intervals so that there remains no gap in the requirements and supply.

Last Updated: Fri Nov 30 2018

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