How Internet Has Brought Advisors & Customers Closer

How Internet Has Brought Advisors & Customers Closer

How Internet Has Brought Advisors & Customers Closer

A digital wave that India has experienced, particularly in the past decade and a half, has rewritten the rules of the road for various sectors of the economy, and the real estate sector is no exception. The online medium has not only made the home-buying process faster and smoother, but has also bridged the gap between different sector stakeholders like property advisors and home buyers.

MakaanIQ tells you how the online medium has connected real estate advisors and customers like never before.

At the click of a button

Earlier, buying a home was considered a Herculean task that required a lot of effort, understanding and negotiation skills. But now it can now be done with the click of a mouse. From comparing prices to checking images for forming an opinion, the online medium has made it possible for buyers to do it all without having to make multiple trips to construction sites. For brokers, the online medium is a platform to showcase properties listed with them in a better and more accessible way. 

Wider reach

Without the online medium, the customer base for brokers would be limited to their locality and sphere of influence. For home buyers, their area of search would be limited to the properties made available by a select few agents in a select few localities. With the online platform at their disposal, however, both parties have more to showcase and more to choose from.  

Seeing it all

The online platform gives brokers the opportunity to expand their operations. Doing business with a wide range of audience gives them the confidence to handle more and more properties of different price ranges at different locations. 

Saving time and money

When you use the internet to buy your home, you don't have to make multiple calls and site visits before deciding to book a property. On the other hand, property advisors do not have to spend a fortune on advertising to widen their customer base.

In each other we trust

The online medium makes home buying more transparent. Buyers and brokers coming to online real estate portals have to be genuine and have to act on set parameters. The service charges are also fixed, making the transaction smoother and transparent for both parties.

Last Updated: Wed Aug 24 2016

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