How Hashtags Can Boost Your Social Media Initiatives

How Hashtags Can Boost Your Social Media Initiatives

How Hashtags Can Boost Your Social Media Initiatives

Social media has become an imperative aspect of online real estate marketing. Most of your prospective clients are tech-savvy at least to an extent that they use platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook on a regular basis.  Thanks to hashtags (#), you can reach them out swiftly and raise the efficacy of your posts by several times.

Why hashtags?

Until sometime back, hashtags were limited to mainly Twitter and Instagram, but now this feature has been enabled by Facebook and LinkedIn as well. When people are posting information about a certain subject from these platforms, they mark it with a hashtag followed by the term that defines the information most appropriately. This makes it easier to categorise the information, filtering the information from the remaining of the web for those searching for specific information.

For example, if you are promoting a residential project in Gurgaon, you would want to hashtag your post with #Flatsingurgaon or #GurgaonProperties. This may help in making your post visible to people who would be looking for homes in Gurgaon. 

How hashtags can be helpful?

As mentioned earlier, hashtags can be used to categorise the information posted by you. Similarly, it makes it easier for the searchers to find the information on a specific subject. Besides these advantages, hashtags can be a way to keep pace with the ongoing trends in the property market and connect with the right people.

For example, while using Twitter, if you search a keyword with a hashtag, you will find a list of results with similar hashtags. On clicking any of the result, you will find all the posts under that hashtag. On clicking one of the posts you will be able to connect with the person who has posted it. This way, you can connect with not only prospective clients but event organisers, trainers, vendors, industry leaders and influencers who can help you in your business in some way or the other.

Tips to use hashtags effectively

  • Go for hashtags that are short and simple. People like to search keywords that are one worded and simple. One-worded-or-shorter hashtags will appear in maximum number of related searches and you will be able to get access to wider audience. You can check the relevance and popularity of a hashtag by checking other posts using the hashtag you have in mind.
  • Use appropriate combination of hashtags. It is not necessary that only one hashtag can be used for a post. You can put any number of hashtags as long as the word limit allows.
  • Believe in your creative instinct. Do not use just basic hashtags. If there is something more than the basic you are offering, hashtag that as well. For example, if you are dealing in property in Goa and if the listed property is on the beach side, you can add the hashtag #beachproperties along with #Property and #Goa.
  • You can also evolve your own online marketing campaigns and give them a unique hashtag. This way you can create a series of posts and generate interest amongst your target audience through the art of story-telling on social media

In short, putting the right kind of hashtags can multiply the results out of your social media efforts. On the other hand, avoiding hashtags can turn your social media update into a fiasco. So, what's your take: #success or #failure?

Last Updated: Fri Dec 08 2017

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