Homes for senior citizens?

Homes for senior citizens?

Homes for senior citizens?

With the increasing number of senior citizens being left along to battle with their life after retirement, the concept of home for senior citizens is catching up real fast. Better health care, increased longevity, reduced security and space limitations have made alternate homes for the aged a necessity. Senior citizens who were previously employed with good firms retire with a handsome amount and a few prefer to invest in these homes.

Demands for these homes are high in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon and Pune. These projects are in the form of small town ships with specially designed apartments. These apartments have wider doors to allow wheelchair access, shower chairs in bathrooms, a place of worship and many other comfort factors for the aged. These town ships have 24X7 medical services, common dining halls and recreational facilities. These projects are now priced for the middle and the upper middle class people.

These retirement homes provide the elderly emotional security, companionship, health care and personal security. The concept of nuclear families along with urbanization has made the elderly lonely in their old age. More and more people who foresee a lonely future and book these apartments during retirement.

Last Updated: Wed Feb 29 2012

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