Homebuyers Demand Better Security In Projects

Homebuyers Demand Better Security In Projects

Homebuyers Demand Better Security In Projects

You are expecting guests at home and the moment they arrive at your society gate you receive a notification on your mobile phone. The security guards at the gate record visitor information on tablet rather than on registers. In case of intrusion, you are given a 24-hour panic button to alert security guards, closest neighbour and nearest medical help at the time of emergency. All these and much more make for a secure housing society nowadays. And, all this is managed by a mobile application.

Projects in cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai where buyers are getting more and more about their safety and security while they are away, are putting special effort in giving them what they want. Since the majority of the working couples prefer to stay in gated society, they look for enhanced security systems that can ensure a complete safety for children and elderly staying alone for the most part of the day.

Modern day security systems

“Mobile-based security gate solutions are making apartment complex living more secure. Several Apartment Complexes across India are adopting this solution and fast transforming their Apartment Security. Such solutions has come a huge boon as they come to know real time about all visitors coming to their flat,” says Sangeeta Banerjee, CEO, Co-founder, ApartmentADDA, a leading Apartment Management Software System.

Mobile phones have become an important device in all our lives.  Hence, the technology is being developed in the way that real-time check can be kept on the household. For example, CCTV camera live footage can be fetched through a mobile app, an SMS on arrival of your daily help that can also help you to manage their daily attendance.

The entire setup stays online, and thus, helps keep a tab on the performance of security guards. Banerjee adds, “Television shows about crime have succeeded in creating a mass awareness and education against criminal activities in our surroundings. These series through their dramatised criminal cases across the country have helped the common people to be cautious and beware. Hence the demand for such high profile security system has increased.”

Pre-fitted surveillance system

Earlier, the security systems in any township project were limited to CCTV cameras and round-the-clock security guards at the complex gate. But now, several real estate developers are coming forward to give a more secure experience to the young working couples. Various real estate developers like Prestige, Estancia, DLF, Gokulam, Raheja are few of them who are already offering pre-fitted, installed and operational mobile technology-based security arrangements. This feature also acts as a key clincher while delivering the sales pitch to the potential home buyer.

Not always premium

Since these security systems are based on technology and the software requires regular maintenance, the cost of its upkeep is either covered up in the monthly maintenance cost or included in the cost of property. In the majority of the cases, these features are installed at later stages, it's the Resident Welfare Association that keeps a tab on such arrangements and expenses are done from the society fund.

Last Updated: Tue Apr 11 2017

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