Home Sutra: Have You Hung That Calendar Right?

Home Sutra: Have You Hung That Calendar Right?

Home Sutra: Have You Hung That Calendar Right?

How would we able to keep track of time if we did not have calendars? They are indispensable tools that also help us keep track of important dates or upcoming events in our lives. With digital calendars available in our smart phones, the use of traditional wall hung calendars have reduced. However, if you still love keeping wall calendars at your home, it is necessary to be aware of certain Vastu implications if they are placed in the wrong directions.

Calendars are either placed on desks or hung on a wall. According to Vastu Shastra, calendars are like clocks and serve as indicators of time. So, the same rules apply to both these objects. The ancient science of architecture, Vastu, also prohibits the placement of calendars on the front or back side of the doors.

Directions for hanging calendars

The ideal directions for placing a calendar are the north, the north-east, the east or the west walls of the house. They should never be hung in the south direction as it can bring bad luck or stagnation and may affect health of family members.

Do's and don'ts 

  • Outdated calendars should not be left hanging in the room. They can be a source of depleting energies and can hinder progress in your lives.
  • Do not use calendars with pictures that spread negativity such as violence or sadness. Always choose calendars with pleasant pictures such as greenery or fountain for the north direction and rising sun for the east.
  • Ensure the calendars on the desk or the walls are not visible from main entrance of the house as this can disturb the flow of positive energies.
Last Updated: Wed Oct 18 2017

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