Hiring an Interior Designer

Hiring an Interior Designer

Hiring an Interior Designer

Hiring an interior designer to get the results you want is a common scenario these days. Here is a guide of how to start with.

List down the expectations: List down what changes would you like to bring about or your idea of how the space has to be utilized. One can browse through the internet or go through specialized magazines to know what would be suitable for one’s home.

Research in the market: Look for the best possible interior designers in the market depending up on the amount of work to be done and budget. Go and meet them personally and discuss your needs. It is advised to opt for an interior designer referred by someone. See if the aesthetic sense of the interior designer is in accord with yours. Do a back ground check and track record of the designer as far as meeting deadline and quality of work is concerned.

Zeroing down on the designer: Choose the designer who has perfectly understood your requirements and whose portfolio matches those requirements. Most of the designers have a flat charge that is a percentage of the total budget.

Agreement and work: A contract has to be made mentioning expectations from both sides that will work as a checklist for both the parties. The total amount, the payment pattern and the duration is also mandatory in the contract. Once the work starts the designer comes up with lot of options that will meet your requirements. Choose the best available options that are in complete harmony with your requirements and the budget.

Last Updated: Mon Feb 06 2012

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