Here's Why Property Visits At Different Hours Of The Day Are Necessary

Here's Why Property Visits At Different Hours Of The Day Are Necessary

Here's Why Property Visits At Different Hours Of The Day Are Necessary

Going on a property visit? Once is not enough. While not many can be sure about the inside of the property in one property visit, think about the external occurrences that one will have to live with every day. It is advised that when choosing a property make sure you keep the surroundings and the neighbourhood in mind, too.

To understand the neighbourhood the best is to make multiple visits and different times of the day. Here's why doing so is important:

Busy route

Does the property your bought lies close to an airport, a railway track or even a busy road, make a property visit at peak hours. For instance, in case of an airport, late nights or early mornings is the time you need to know how frequent the flights are and if the noise is prominent when you are inside. For railways, follow the same. On the other hand, in case of a busy road, see that during peak hours that is later in the morning or in the evening, how congested it gets and also, check the decibel levels. In case, you find any of these a deterrent, rethink about your purchase.

School time

Having a school or educational institution nearby can be a reason of some not choosing a property. A school close by would mean crowded roads and a noisy neighbourhood early in the morning and also, in the afternoon. It might hinder your morning sleep or an afternoon nap.

An under-construction project

Planning to buy a home in an upcoming market due to better price points? Think again. If the property you choose is surrounding by upcoming residential, commercial or infrastructural projects, be prepared to be subjected to construction noises at odd hours. Such projects take months or even years to complete. So, are you ready to bear the construction noise for this long? Make a choice.

Noisy neighbourhood

Make a visit later in the night when the neighbours are back from work. That is when you will witness whether or not you have a noisy neighbourhood. According to Sushma Singh, a 35-year-old marketing executive who bought an apartment in Noida only to witness later that a batch of bachelor flatmates were playing loud music, partying and having friends over every alternate day. More than her own self, it was difficult for her seven-year-old son and three-year-old daughter to sleep and that too on time.

Traffic that invades neighbourhood lanes

In case of row houses, the locality lanes are turned into main roads loaded with heavy traffic movement. Why? Because the actual main road is blocked due to traffic. The locality lanes are an alternative people choose in such cases. While you thought your children could play in the neighbourhood while you could keep an eye on them. But, in such a scenario, the children will not be able to play at all.

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Last Updated: Thu Aug 10 2017

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