Here's Why A Business Plan Is More Important Than You Think

Here's Why A Business Plan Is More Important Than You Think

Here's Why A Business Plan Is More Important Than You Think
In recent times, several terms have found their way into the country's real estate parlance. (Dreamstime)

Investment in real estate without a sturdy business plan can be highly risky. Be it the casual investor or a serious home buyer, it is important to plan out your move with proper financial backing. A proper business plan ensures that your investment gives you optimum returns and doesn't turn into a burden later on.

Business plan and real estate: Here's what you need to remember: 

  • If you have a stable financial background it becomes important to have a proper business plan before investing. The budget and timelines for the investment should be clear. The investor needs to be clear about his goals. Is he investing for the short-term or is he looking to build an asset to be used in the long term for example a wedding in the family. Having clear goals will ensure that your money doesn't go to waste. 
  • If the plan is not properly executed, then it can be the biggest barrier to an investor. Many plans are developed and then left to suffer on a shelf or pen drive/computer. A little knowledge of real estate can be very dangerous as it could lead to poor planning and unrealistic expectations. 
  • You may have the money to invest but it is still imperative that you invest it right. Should you put all of it in one big investment or spread it around in small properties? Do you want return in the form of rent or are you looking at long term growth of the asset's value? These are important questions that you should ask yourself before investing. Your business plan should also account for regular maintenance and other repair works that will be needed in the future to keep your property in good condition.  
  • A business plan should also account for your competitors. Competition can many times drive up prices of a property. A plan that is blind to other investors is doomed to fail. Sudden fluctuations in the market can derail any investor's budget. You can be very close to a prospective deal but may face a defeat from the opponent due to lack of research and the business plan.


A good plan is essential in many different facets of business, and that includes real estate. Remember, true asset building starts with a plan.


Last Updated: Fri Mar 03 2017

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