Here Is How To Talk Your Way Into Becoming A Smart Broker

Here Is How To Talk Your Way Into Becoming A Smart Broker

Here Is How To Talk Your Way Into Becoming A Smart Broker

Communication skills have a great role to play in deciding how you perform in life, personally and professionally. How well you communicate with the set of people you deal with will, to a great extent, determine what kind of relationship you develop with them in the future. However, this skill becomes even more important for people who are in, what I call, “the talking business”. With poor communications skills, it's hard to imagine a lawyer, an actor or a property broker achieving much success in life.

Here are some tips to make you go from a good to a great communicator:

Give them a patient hearing

You are the expert and you know it all. But when I approach you as a home buyer, there are many things that are weighing on my mind. For instance, I may be too baffled by the number of papers I must submit it to my bank. I also hear too many cases of people getting duped in their property purchases. As the expert, you must give me a patient hearing. I must build my confidence in you before I start trusting you without asking too many questions.

This could be a long-lasting alliance

Don't treat the naïve home buyer as 'just a customer' from whom you have to gain monetary benefits. If you are polite to me, for instance, I will, in all likelihood, recommend your name when my friends or acquaintances want to invest in a property. One successful partnership leads to lifetime associations. And, your communication with the buyer will decide the period over which it may last.

Honesty is the best policy. 

There might be a thousand details you do not want to share with buyers as you could use the confusion over certain issues to your advantage. Or, you might feel that the time is not right and some details are best revealed at a later stage when the negotiations are at a more advanced level. Let us not forget one thing. Most of the home buyers become finance graduate after they are done with the purchase. The confusion would clear at some point of time. They would know at what points you might have kept them in the dark. This could lead to the buyer forming a negative opinion about you.

Let them know you've earned it.

You worked too hard to settle the deal between the buyer and the seller and there is no way you are ready to negotiate over your cut. Fair enough. However, make your intentions known in a manner which does not offend your clients. A communication failure at this point may cost you dear.

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Last Updated: Fri Nov 18 2016

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