Have You Bought The Perfect Home?

Have You Bought The Perfect Home?

Have You Bought The Perfect Home?

We are assuming that your home search is about to be over. The bank accepted your loan application and the payment to the developer is made. In a matter of few days, you would be in charge of your property. Finding this beautiful house seems like dreams come true. Everything is brand new and shiny. You just cannot wait to start living here. When you do get the possession, however, your feelings towards your property might start changing. We would not want that, would we? What can we do to make sure we keep living the dream?

  • Your home may be a shocker for you in case you did not pay enough attention to one little fact — all that glitters is not gold. Because everything fitting in your brand-new property is fresh does not necessarily mean it is perfect.  In case you take the possession, getting these small irritants fixed may take longer. Hence, attention must be paid, before you take the keys from the developer.  First of all, if you do not seem to have got what was promised initially, you have all the right to raise the issue with the developer.  For we now have stricter laws in place, the developer will have to address your concern.
  • In case poor quality fittings are used, it is only better to replace them at an early stage. Do remember that poor quality material means a lower life span of the property in question. The bathroom and kitchen must be thoroughly inspected to ensure there are no loopholes in the overall structure. There could be loose socket board in the bedroom; there could be a no-functioning fan in the dining hall.  The exhaust fan in the kitchen may not be working.
  • Make sure all the legal and financial documents related to the property purchase have been given to you by your developer.  You are going to need these papers not only to prove ownership but also for a hoard of other jobs. Any discrepancy here could be a cause of a headache for a lifetime.  We do understand that the developer and you now have a lifetime business relationship. But, this is no way means you can defer the document collection process. The sooner you finish this business, the better.
Last Updated: Thu Jul 13 2017

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