Have The Money? You Can Live In Eiffel Tower!

Have The Money? You Can Live In Eiffel Tower!

Have The Money? You Can Live In Eiffel Tower!

If you have the money, you can bring Greece to India. Or for that matter, build yourself a Disneyland. Real estate now comes in all shapes, sizes and themes! With developers eyeing the luxury living segment they are ready to offer custom build living spaces with your favourite theme. 

A project in Greater Noida West is exclusively dedicated to music. From a guitar at the entrance to a seating shaped like a table, a swimming pool that looks like a piano and a garden landscaped in a musical way. A banjo skating ring, musical notes on the driveway and so much more.

In Mumbai, you could own a unit in the Eiffel Tower. As interesting as it sounds, this project that is priced at Rs 30,000 per sq ft is located in Mazagaon and boasts luxury amenities compactly weaved into the unit that is anywhere between 2,465-2,755 sq ft. See the listing here.

But these are just examples. The real question is what makes people buy homes that are priced on the higher side? “These homes cater to the well-travelled and the well placed. When you are a globe-trotter, you tend to bring in or may want to replicate something that you feel was exemplary somewhere else. At the same time, you are not worried about how much you pay for it but are looking for value for money,” says Gautam Sood, broker, Hi-End Real Estate and Deals.

Among the most popular themes are golf course homes. The soaring popularity of Golf among the people of the city can mainly be traced to the possibility of owning a house close to vast expanses of green and away from the humdrum of the city. The freedom from noise and pollution in such premium residential complexes is a key factor. Golf is perceived as an elite game, therefore owning a property means hobnobbing with the who's who of the society.  “People have started spending more and are opting for an opulent lifestyle. Most of these golf based properties are like “second homes” to the buyers where they would like to spend their weekends while networking with their CXO neighbours,” says Manu Sharma, an industry insider.

Luxury has evolved in its meaning and besides amenities that we have heard of in the past, there is more focus on technology and health these days. Smart, automated homes to help you work towards energy efficiency, the stress on green, landscaped gardens and jogging tracks to help you focus on your health, activated carbon air filters, ultra-violet sanitation, air purifiers inbuilt in your home, soundproof homes to even vitamin C-infused showers, which were once associated with Leonardo DiCaprio. More buyers are ready to spend some extra on wellness features in the projects.

Zeenat Nautiyal, a prospective buyer says, “Our work lives are so routine and we are so caught up in its pressures that home is the only place you get to unwind. It has to be a comfortable place and the one that lets you take that break from the world outside.”

Many of these homes cater to a niche crowd and depend a lot on their potential to pay. For example, with prices being on the higher side in the central areas, luxury projects command as much as Rs 40 crore in Mumbai's Worli. Theme-based projects are spread over a large parcel of land and given that prime land is very expensive, developers wouldn't want to risk occupancy in a large township or a theme based project in such a locality. Therefore, theme based homes are generally on the peripheries or where the land is cheaper so that the final product doesn't weigh too heavy on the pockets for either the developer or the buyer.

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Last Updated: Thu Dec 22 2016

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